Why You Should Massage Your Baby

Healthy babies are happy babies. Everyone knows that! However not many people know how powerful the right kind of touch can be for various issues with little ones from ear infections and coughs to colic and restlessness there is so much you can do as a care-taker to help your baby feel their best. In my office I see everything from healthy new babies to little ones struggling with latching, feeding, sleeping, restlessness and tummy troubles. Taking your baby to a chiropractor to check them does so much more than very gentle move tiny bones, it supports the nervous system during the FASTEST growth period in the entire human life. Many parents ask me what they can do between appointments to he

Why What You Put On Your Body Is As Important As What You Put In It

Your skin is the largest and fastest growing organ in your body. Your skin protects you, it is your first layer of defense against germs, it keeps you warm, it's how you feel hugs, and it is a huge part of how you sense the world. Your sense of touch. Many of my patients ask me: "Why does it matter if you use organic skin care or processed skin care?" My immediate answer is toxins. Know what you are putting on and in your body, our bodies are designed to heal themselves. When you put things into or on your body that are full of toxins it can cause all kinds of issues to develop. Some people have food allergies, where if they eat a certain food they react in an itchy rash, or end up with a st

Expecting a New Little One This Fall?

What to expect when you are expecting to deliver in the fall season, and how to keep your newborn baby healthy this germ season. Anyone who has been in my office knows I believe in chiropractic care combined with the use of essential oils and homeopathy to support the body's natural defenses in a stressful and sometimes unhealthy environment. I often get questions pertaining to newborns and germs, how can you help their little bodies stave off germs, infections, and discomfort? The wonderful thing about babies is that while they may be small they are mighty, and so is their developing immune system. It is crucial with infants to encourage their natural immunity and support their developing i

Seasonal Affective Disorder Tips and Tricks

As the weather cools down, and they daylight hours grow shorter, here are some tips and tricks to help you combat the cold season blues. While many people LOVE fall, and wait all year to see the leaves change colors, the weather cool down, and to have pumpkin spice flavored products pop-up all over store end caps, some people start to feel "off." If you notice more fatigue, less patience, a decreased interest in activities you normally love, lots of sleep but still feeling unrested, the change in season might be effecting you. Here are some tips by symptom to help make this season feel more enjoyable. Fatigue: One of the best cures of fatigue is getting enough quality sleep. Many studies sho

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