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Yoga Challenge

Right now we are almost half way through out month long office yoga challenge, we are learning so much. We are learning how hard it is to commit to even just a few moments on the mat everyday, we are learning how empowering it can feel to dedicate a few minutes to something that has endless benefits for your health and body. We are learning that movement sometimes feel blissful and sometimes feels like climbing a very steep and unforgiving mountain, but most of all we are learning that by taking a few minutes each day to experience life form a different perspective is truly priceless.

We have had several requests in the office for a master list of all the poses we are doing in the office this August, for those of you that have been inspired to make our yoga challenge part of your yoga flow or daily exercise. I have listed below some of the poses we chose for our office challenge. Now depending on what we are facing that day we might select a different pose to better incorporates the benefits that our office feels like we need. While this list is subject to change it is a fabulous way to stay inspired with us through this journey.

Here is our yoga flow for this month:

Day 1 - Down Dog

Day 2 - Extended Triangle Pose

Day 3 - Standing Forward Bend

Day 4 - Cobra Pose

Day 5 - Cat Cow

Day 6 - Tree Pose

Day 7 - Child's Pose

Day 8 - Hero's Pose

Day 9 - Low Lunge

Day 10 - Seated Spinal Twist

Day 11 - Seated Forward Bend

Day 12 - Warrior II Pose

Day 13 - Wide Legged Forward Bend

Day 14 - Bridge Pose

Day 15 - Dolphin Pose

Day 16 - Extended Side Lunge Pose

Day 17 - Extended Puppy Pose

Day 18 - Chair Pose

Day 19 - Half Moon Pose

Day 20 - Eagle Pose

Day 21 - Reverse Warrior Pose

Day 22 - Supine Spinal Twist

Day 23 - Standing Back Bend Pose

Day 24 - Boat Pose

Day 25 - Split Dog Pose

Day 26 - Balancing the Cat

Day 27 - Dancer's Pose

Day 28 - One Legged Bridge Pose

Day 29 - Butterfly Pose

Day 30 - Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Day 31 - Savasana Pose

Feel free to mix, match, move, flow, modify and truly make these poses your own. Meet us on the mat! Namaste, and happy, HAPPY August!


Dr. Jackie Romanies, DC

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