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Seasonal Affective Disorder Tips and Tricks

As the weather cools down, and they daylight hours grow shorter, here are some tips and tricks to help you combat the cold season blues.

While many people LOVE fall, and wait all year to see the leaves change colors, the weather cool down, and to have pumpkin spice flavored products pop-up all over store end caps, some people start to feel "off." If you notice more fatigue, less patience, a decreased interest in activities you normally love, lots of sleep but still feeling unrested, the change in season might be effecting you. Here are some tips by symptom to help make this season feel more enjoyable.

Fatigue: One of the best cures of fatigue is getting enough quality sleep. Many studies show that sleeping in cooler temperatures can increase the quality of sleep. Make the most out of this season by applying a mixture of lavender and almond oil to your feel about 20 minutes before bed and covering your feet with soft, cozy, cotton socks.

Loss of Interest/Seasonal Depression: Exercise is the best way to get your endorphins going, if you aren't feeling a hard workout go for a short 15 minute walk. Being outside in the sun will get you some Vitamin D, while walking will increase your endorphins and calm your mind through fall scenery. Fresh air is good for the soul. If you are looking for something more active sign-up for a local gym trial, or take a trial class, the social element will help you build community, make friends, and get in some exercise. If you are having a lower key day try taking a bath with this natural blend of "happiness oils":

Happiness Bath:

3 Drops of Bergamot Oil

1 Drop of Marjoram Oil

1 Drop of Oregano

Less Patience/Increase In Irritability: This is probably the most common symptom of S.A.D. when daylight hours grow thin, so does patience. To counteract this, return to a hobby you enjoy or take up a new one. Often times people who are quite active during the summer and spring months become depressive and irritable in the fall and winter because of a decrease in overall activity, a lack of stimulation to the body and the mind. Learn some new healthy recipes if cooking is your thing, if you like knitting make a friend a scarf, if you have extra energy tackle that pantry you have been avoiding. The fall is a great time to embark on those to-do list projects like organizing your closet. The task will give you something engaging to do, and the progress will be evident which can increase feelings of reward and satisfaction. Keep your mind active in the fall and winter and you will notice that you have more patience. Read a great book, play cards, enjoy the company of your family and friends.

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