Got The Blues? It Might Be Coming From Your Belly!

Have you had the flu this year? Or maybe you just felt "under the weather" for a while. When you are fighting off germs it makes sense that you don't feel your best, but what happens after you recover and you still don't feel quite right. Have you ever been sick and noticed that it took a toll on your mood for a few weeks afterward? Feeling like you are in a rut, uneasy, or more negative than normal? It could be because you gut balance is off, when good bacteria get killed off in the process of killing an infection it can leave your gut in dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is a microbial imbalance in the gut that can cause all kinds of negative side effects from issues with digestion, bowel movements, m

Stuffed Up Sinuses This Season?

Even though we are supposed to have six more weeks of winter the weather is warming up in Texas. Which means allergens like cedar, ragweed, and other pollens are already floating through the air this February. What can you do to keep you and your sinuses healthy? Essential oils are a great start, here are some different ways to use commonly found essential oils to help keep your system healthy, happy, and breathing easy. 1. Eucalyptus Steam Treatment: For seasonal rhinitis from grass, trees, weeds a eucalyptus steam will do the trick. Fill a large bowl with steaming hot water and add one drop of eucalyptus oil to the bowl, lean over the bowl with a large towel draped over your head about 8-1

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