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Expecting a New Little One This Fall?

What to expect when you are expecting to deliver in the fall season, and how to keep your newborn baby healthy this germ season.

Anyone who has been in my office knows I believe in chiropractic care combined with the use of essential oils and homeopathy to support the body's natural defenses in a stressful and sometimes unhealthy environment. I often get questions pertaining to newborns and germs, how can you help their little bodies stave off germs, infections, and discomfort? The wonderful thing about babies is that while they may be small they are mighty, and so is their developing immune system. It is crucial with infants to encourage their natural immunity and support their developing immune system.

Your first line of defense is to breast feed your baby. Babies get lots of immunity and germ defense from mom through breast milk. Mother's and babies' bodies are designed to work in a symbiotic way sending chemical messages back and forth to make sure developmental and health needs are being met. Breast feeding your child enables your baby to have a stronger more natural start. If breast feeding is difficult for you and your baby, a lactation consultant can help work wonders in a supportive and natural way.

If mom is breast feeding it is crucial that she is getting the dietary support she needs to help fuel baby's growth and development. Mothers with new borns should be eating iron rich, calcium rich, vitamin D and Omega 3 rich foods in order to support their own bodies through this process. If mom catches a germ, it lowers her defenses and her babies.

What essential oils can help your new little one stay safe and germ free as they enter the world for the first time. After birth, no matter what the delivery process babies can benefit from natural immune support especially during germ season. The best essential oil to use on newborns to prevent infection is:

Diluted Frankincense - 1 drop applied to the crown for protection.

Diluted Myrrh - 1 drop applied to the remaining umbilical cord around the navel to protect from infection.

The Best Essential Oils to Support a Mother's Health During this Time are:

Fennel - to increase lymphatic flow and support the breasts during breast feeding, not to be used for more than 10 consecutive days.

Roman Chamomile - to avoid and support sore nipples from feeding.

Geranium - for it's uplifting and antidepressant effects to help combat the stress of change.

Why you should get your baby adjusted:

Often times the birthing process, even natural birthing, can put a lot of tension on a little tiny body that is ready to grow in a new world. The pressure of birthing can do amazing things like help a baby take it’s first breath. Sometimes in the birthing process misalignment of the spine can occur which can lead to an increase in discomfort and a decrease in adaptability to a new environment. You want your baby to have their very best start in life free from unnecessary interference, so they can feel healthy and grow into their dreams.

If you and your little one are feeling under the weather come on in and we can talk about some natural homeopathic options to support you and your baby through this new and exciting time.

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