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Why You Should Massage Your Baby

Healthy babies are happy babies. Everyone knows that! However not many people know how powerful the right kind of touch can be for various issues with little ones from ear infections and coughs to colic and restlessness there is so much you can do as a care-taker to help your baby feel their best.

In my office I see everything from healthy new babies to little ones struggling with latching, feeding, sleeping, restlessness and tummy troubles. Taking your baby to a chiropractor to check them does so much more than very gentle move tiny bones, it supports the nervous system during the FASTEST growth period in the entire human life.

Many parents ask me what they can do between appointments to help support their new little ones. There are many many ways to help keep babies healthy but one of my favorites is infant and baby massage. Gentle touch massage can help parents connect with baby, support a healthy body, and initiate and maintain strong bonds between parents and growing little ones. Babies are too young to communicate to mom and dad why they are crying, only that something is wrong, uncomfortable or stressful. This can be overwhelming and frustrating for parents, both new and experienced. Gentle chiropractic care supported with at home massage is a great way to increase your child's quality of life through increasing health and decreasing stress.

On November 11, I will be teaching a baby massage class at the Nappy Shoppe in Plano to teach parents how to support their new little bundles of joy in the beautiful thing we call life. You will learn how to work on a fussy tired baby, how to naturally assist tummy troubles and constipation, and how calm your baby while supporting healthy ears. I would love to see you at the class, and to help you support your little one in gentle, natural and effective ways. If you are interested please check out the description at:

(The course can be found under the left sided tab labeled Birth and Parenting Classes.)

I am so excited to meet you and your beautiful little ones and help support your family's healthy and happy lives together.


Dr. Jackie D.C.

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