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Getting Comfortable With Change

What is one of the best ways to break old bad habits, or old patterns that just don't serve you anymore? What works, what doesn't, and what to do when you are looking to expand your life, step into your SOUL and become who you are meant to be.

First of all one of the biggest challenges to change is "discomfort" most of the time we want to change, we are even dedicated to the idea of change, self improvement books, a new gym memberships, finally learning Spanish. We even spend money on classes, memberships and books but why can't we "find the time", or "show-up" for ourselves even when we are able to show up for others.

It all comes down to value, do you "value" yourself, are you acting in a way that is congruent with your values? It doesn't matter if you are broke struggling to get from pay check to pay check or the owner of one of the top ten Fortune 500 companies change is terrifying, uncomfortable, and messy. Do you think Oprah had full unwavering confidence when she bought her own TV show? She probably bought it, had a spiral of terrifying thoughts and feelings but SHOWED UP anyway and ROCKED IT! Sometimes all it takes is 5 seconds of courage to change your life.

One of my favorite motivational tips from Mel Robbins is the five-second count down. Whether it is getting out of bed without hitting snooze, speaking up in a meeting, asking for a raise, booking tickets to a country you've never been to before you have about 5 seconds to override your brains default setting of habitual action. If you fill that space with a countdown your life WILL change because you are making day to day decisions that are congruent with your courage, your values and leaving fear on the back burner for a while.

Bob Proctor talks about how to change your life by spending three minutes a day in the morning right when you wake up thinking about ten things you are grateful for, sending love to three people you are having difficulty with and waiting for guidance in silence for a minute before you begin your day.

Doing these small but effective practices change your life by changing your mind, by giving you the power to choose, the clarity to see what your values are and the gratitude to manifest it all and step into your highest self. Change is never easy for anyone, the people that make successful changes regularly are the people that get comfortable with discomfort. They see change as an adventure instead of as a hinderance that has to be dealt with. They get really comfortable with that feeling of adrenaline that accompanies risk, they weigh their options and make smart decisions, but they are able to take healthy risks realizing that is truly the only way to grow and experience life to the fullest.

Today I challenge you to grow in an area you have been stagnant in, make a decision, follow it through and see where your courage and willingness to show up takes you.

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