Cold Fighting Bath Recipe

The weather is starting to cool, down and little ones are bring home germs from school and sharing them with the whole family. Here is a great natural bath recipe for adults who are fighting a cold:

Cold Fighting Bath For Adults:

2 drops of Tea Tree Oil

1 drop of Myrrh Oil

1 drop of Niaouli Oil

1 drop of Oregano

1 drop of Thyme Oil

Fill up a bath tub with warm water, add the oils and soak for twenty to thirty minutes making sure the water remains warm for the entire bath.

Cold Fighting Bath For Kids - 2 Years Old and Up

1 drop of Clove Oil

2 drops of Orange Oil

1 drop of Lavender Oil

Fill up a bath tub with warm water and let your little one soak for about 10 minutes making sure the bath water stays warm for the entire bath. Remember never leave a child unattended near water, and take great care to make sure the water is a safe warm temperature.

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