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Tuesday Tidbits

Sometimes you need more inspiration on Tuesday then you do on a Monday. Today is one of those Tuesdays.

Let me tell you something about following your dreams, it take tremendous tenacity, courage and resiliency. But when a dream is strong enough the drive comes from your soul, it seems almost otherworldly. This feeling will push you and support you through challenges and situations that frustrate you, things you don't understand, things that make you mad, things that make you question everything.

The days you wonder why you ever started are the days it is most crucial to keep going. I know you want to give up, throw in the towel and drag yourself home, but not today. Today you will inspire others with your tenacity, your dedication, and your willingness to keep going. An olympic athlete isn't measured by the times they failed, but by the times they succeeded.

When you try it is inevitable that you will sometimes fail, but a failing is only a failure when you don't learn or gain experience. Failures are much better teachers than successes. On the days when you really feel those failures, be it yours, others, or accidental failures remember: to fail is to learn, and to learn is to grow and to grow is to succeed. They are all different phases and important steps in life. While we may prefer one to the other that doesn't make one or the other more or less important. To fail is to gain the tools to succeed.

Today remember that tenacity is one of the most important gifts in the world, tenacity doesn't mean encouraging or embracing struggle it means to be determined, tireless, purpose driven, using a powerful resolve to fearlessly persist with endurance.

No one sees the work you put in behind the scenes, but that work is the most important.

If you need some inspiration this Tuesday here is what I recommend:

1. Inspirational TedTalks

2. Books by Marianne Williamson

3. Books by Louis Hay

4. Books by Wayne Dyer

5. Books by Joe Vitale

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