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Thursday Thoughts

"Ask a friend to join you on your next journey."/"The one who struggles is the one that hasn't quit."

This Thursday I want to talk about helping other. Today I got to witness one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. Too little ones, a brother and a sister were playing and laughing, the brother (the younger of the two, who recently learned how to run and doesn't quite know where the breaks are yet was running (more like a fast wobbly walk) and crashing into tables, cushions full of giggles. When big sister saw him heading for a wall she grabbed the biggest stuff animal in the kiddie corner and held it up to the wall. The little one ran straight into the stuffed animal and landed on his bum and by then the whole office was laughing.

How often do we have the opportunity to help someone through pure joy? How often do we help someone with laughter instead of scolding? At one point in time we all run into walls, we all are learning how to use skills we haven't yet developed. How much more wonderful the world could be if we helped each other with the gentleness, giddiness, and patience just like an amazing big sister used in my office today.

We all play the role of the less knowledgable one sometimes, and we all play the role of the more experienced one on occasion. It is so very important to embrace both roles openly. It is normal to make mistakes and struggle and need help sometimes, it is equally normal to get things right sometimes, to have confidence in your abilities and to help others.

My challenge to you this Thursday is to help others in a joyful way. Do you think someone struggling up the side of a mountain or with a pile of work would be more encouraged by a scold of their performance, or by recognition that they haven't quit and are still climbing? How can you help others learn or develop in a way that is supportive and fun?

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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