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Thursday Thoughts

"How cool, how quiet is true courage!" - Fanny Burney

Courage is often mistaken as a loud, drastic act. While sometimes courage is embodied by those qualities, it often manifests in a quiet and dedicated way. For example, I see new mom's in my office all the time. These new mothers are embarking on a journey that is completely foreign to them and yet everyday they get up and use caring dedication to take care of their new and precious little one anxious to support them in only the best ways possible to make their life full of love, protection, and health. THIS takes a cool quiet daily courage.

Often moms, new moms and experienced moms feel the need to be perfect not only for their little ones and their families, but for the world. YOU are perfect. Your courage in raising your child to the best of your ability, getting up every day and having dedication and love be the response to every set of sticky fingers on your new pair of pants, every "boo-boo", and every late night "Mommmmmy" you hear coming from the distance when you are exhausted. THAT is courage.

As someone that sees lots of little patients, moms everywhere I want you to know that your courage does not go unnoticed. Even on the hard days, when I see little ones that aren't feeling well and are being extra fussy I see a strong and dedicated woman willing to move mountains to help her little one in any way she can out of pure love. Don't lose hope on the days that feel like weeks. Your cool and quiet courage shapes the world each and every day in ways that you can't even imagine.

I'm proud of you moms for your cool and quiet courage, you change the world each and everyday even if you can't see it.

Note: This article was inspired by my own wonderful mom who took care of my sticky fingers, boo-boos and late night five-year old philosophical questions about the world. By seeing moms in my office I get to see and better appreciate the strength, courage, and sacrifice it takes on a daily basis to take care of and protect the most precious gifts in the world, children. Thanks Momma! I love you!

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