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Thursday Thoughts

What am I thinking about this Thursday? How the end of the week feels like coming down the side of a mountain. On Monday you are ready to face the week, Tuesday you have a strong stride going, Wednesday you finally reach the top of the mountain! But let's talk about Thursday.

On Thursday you start walking down the mountain, do you take the trek down as mindfully as you blazed upward on Monday and Tuesday? If you are like most of the world, probably not. What could help make Thursday as mindful and as purposeful as Monday? Self-care.

For those of you in the business of service to others, whether you are a hair stylist, a doctor, a teacher, a financial planner, by Thursday you might start feeling the weight of the week. How do you avoid this? How can you keep your energy up? Taking some time for yourself.

In order to serve others you must care for yourself. Here are some ways I like to recharge before I embark on the rest of my week.

Simple Self Care:

  • Have a good breakfast.

  • Have some tea.

  • Take five minutes to yourself.

  • Do some yoga.

  • Go for a walk.

  • Get adjusted.

  • Take care of YOU!

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