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Beautiful Breakfast

Need a good solid breakfast? Not sure what to make? Tired of eggs? Try this delicious recipe!

1 slice of healthy bread 2-4 medium basil leaves 1 medium tomato (I like the roma tomatoes) 1 tablespoons of goat cheese

Spread the goat cheese on the bread, tear the basil leaves and place on top of the cheese, slice the tomato and place it on top of the basil. Place the whole thing in an oven and bake on 375* for 8-10 minutes.

If you are like me, by the end of the week you won't want to do this in the morning. You can assemble it at night and leave it in the fridge. When you wake up stick it in the oven while you are getting ready! Eating breakfast makes a HUGE difference in your day. So eat breakfast, get adjusted, and let us help make the rest of your week a little easier.

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